Jenny Nichols is an English freelance chef. She was trained at the ‘Cordon Bleu Cooking Institute’ in London longer ago than she cares to remember (but back when "wonderful English cook" was still generally perceived to be an oxymoron). For the last 35 years she has been cooking around the world for private clients and considers her experience in her formative years at Alice Water's Chez Panisse, as critical in igniting her lifelong passion with what has since been coined the Slow Food life. Jenny specializes in gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, cakes and desserts and she has been based in London, Los Angeles, and for the last fifteen years in Italy, both in Rome and now Umbria. She has cooked for clients in many different countries. Her cooking reflects these international influences. Jenny’s two great passions are food and gardening (actually making compost and preparing lunch for the dogs are probably just as high on the list). Her animals and vegetable garden are as important to her as the stove. This love of watching her ingredients grow from seed to end up on the dining table, nurturing and loving them every step of the way makes Jenny a committed supporter of the Slow Food Movement and of the philosophy that taking care of our precious natural resources is primary to a life in balance. An important and underlying principle of Jenny’s cooking is that nothing at all goes to waste, from feeding her chickens the daily vegetable peelings and chickweed that grows wild on the hillside, to cooking with leftovers which is one component of her cooking classes that she teaches at Ca di Gosto..